Paige, Todd, Kayla and Ethan

While working an event, my coworker Paige looks at me and goes "I need to set up family photos with you." And so we starting planning for a summer night when work wasn't going to be too crazy for either of us. We talked about matching outfits, a blanket + lanterns to complete the beach scene for a perfect, summer family photo.

Well, if you have a kid under 5-years-old, you know that 1. they don't sit still and 2. very rarely do they listen to you when you really want them to listen. Of course, Ethan and Kayla were the sweetest little munchkins I could have asked for to play around with on a night at the beach, but the moment of everyone sitting down + smiling + looking at me all at once happened rarely! 

These monkeys ran throughout the playground for a good 45 minutes, played in the water fountain as if it was a shower (although it's typically used to clean sandy beach feet) gave sand to me as a clump as if it was a gift, hugged, chased, and ran around with mom & dad to a perfect summer setting sun. 

Lesson learned - let kids + adults do what they want and let them show you who they are. Photograph that and you've got yourself the perfect little story.

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Styled Bride

Brooke Allison is my favorite person, ever. And she invited me to a styled bridal shoot in a warehouse. Music to my ears. And then, this happened. 

I was emotional over the light in this place. Really though.

Gowns: A Little Something White

Makeup: JKinford Beauty Group

Hair: Melissa Scrofani

Floral: Enza Events

Model: Katie O'Connell

Cassi + CJ Baby Boy Announcement

Cassi and I became best friends in home room on our first day of high school. We bonded over sharing our first period class together, math with Mr. Litzie. And now, the old soul is having her first born baby boy! 

Belles Spring Photoshoot

Loyola University Maryland's all-female a cappella group, the Belles, had their photoshoot Sunday evening to create posters to promote their upcoming spring concert, ChordBusters. ChordBusters is a spring concert split between the all-female and all-male a cappella groups. Purchase your tickets for their concert April 28th or 29th!!

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Relay For Life, Loyola University Maryland
You’re much stronger than you think you are, trust me.
— Superman

The morning begins at 7am in front of McGuire Hall for Relay for Life committee members. 

All hands on deck

We start by organizing the decorations that we have been working on for the past two semesters. Every Sunday, Spirit Committee (our lovely sophomore co-chairs Sophie, Jeff and Madison) hosts a decorating event at 8pm. During this time, we create LUM bags and hope quotes. What are LUM bags? Hope quotes? These are essential Relay terms that you grow to learn and love. LUM bags are paper bags that can be purchased by anyone to then decorate like the ones below in memory or in honor of anyone who has been affected by cancer. These bags are used during our Luminaria ceremony at the event, where everyone at the event joins together to walk laps around the track illuminated by lights glowing from within the white LUM bags. While walking around the track, everyone is either holding their eyes shut to keep tears from rolling down their cheek, looking down at the LUM bags, or up to the walls surrounding them; walls that are filled to the brim with white construction paper painted through the love and hope of committee members. The papers are filled with motivational quotes, drawings, and uplifting sayings that support everyone attending the event. 

By meeting together each week and creating the event by hand in a small classroom, we build a community within our club. Each person who puts in the effort to help relay come together, makes it that much better for each survivor and caregiver experiencing Relay with us. 

At the event, our over-enthusiastic Entertainment committee creates the event timeline. This includes performances from our a cappella groups, the ukulele club, gospel choir, dance team, Irish step club, a 12-hour long scavenger hunt, karaoke, real life Mario Kart… and too much more to list off. Relay runs from 3pm-3am, and there isn’t a second where you stop moving. Friends and family come intermittently, there are two arenas to roam through, and no one can stop talking about all the good that’s going on around you. Relay has become an iconic event at Loyola. 

Once the countdown reaches 3am, all the walkers, participants, committee members, and guests who have stood 12-hours through the event gather to sit down and watch the Relay executive committee chairs reveal how much was raised over the past six months. Starting from the right side, they reveal to the crowd backwards the amount that was raised.

At the 2017 event, Loyola raised more than $160,000 for American Cancer Society. 



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