For Starters

I was cranky, jet lagged, overtired, and thought I had chosen the wrong program to study abroad in. My feet were dragging while walking down Queen Street in a packed herd of 17 college kids who just wanted a decent meal, and something - anything, to lay down on. The city was bustling with a lot of confusion on which side of the sidewalk to walk down on. There was plenty of international food offerings - including a Dunkin'. I vowed not to step in at any point. A quick drop off of 75lbs of baggage, a shower, and collecting myself in a single, quiet bedroom after aimlessly glancing around my temporary neighborhood was the end of my anxiety. I could see the Sky Tower and the Auckland city skyline from the floor to ceiling length window at the end of my hall, and I didn't mind it. We discovered a place called My Bar our first night. We were tired, but we all wanted a buzz to end the night without a headache. We joked that we were acting like middle-aged parents with kids at home to tend to, having left the bar at 8:30pm. We got one night in Auckland down, and an early wake up call for a little place called Paihia.