All Blacks

We bought the closest seats possible in a stadium we had never seen or been to before. When in New Zealand, we were told we had to see an All Blacks game. A few of us obsessed with the team during the few weeks before the game - we bought jerseys, kept up to date on team news, even found the most attractive player, and still drool over him. 

Britomart is a very modern train station on the edge of the city near the viaduct. We took a seemingly new, (even carpeted) packed train to Eden Park for the game. The second we got there we looked for beer and our seats. Stupidly enough, Eden Park is a great big semi-circle, and we walked all the way to one end just to realize our seats were on the other. Although, we were able to see the stadium and it's near 50,000 seats. 

The Haka is a traditional challenging chant from the Māori people of New Zealand. It is performed every game by the All Blacks towards their opposing team. This haka was particularly special since they were playing the Aussies - a massive rival. The All Blacks included actions such as ripping heads off, ripping chests open, and eating the Aussies' insides. It is a form of intimidation and a tradition that the All Blacks carry with them. 

It was loud, and it was dark. There were waves of black filling the seats with occasional mistaken yellow jackets by whatever Aussie fans were brave enough to step into the park. Australia's National Anthem was sung, as well as New Zealand's, the haka was performed, and the game began. We watched Dan Carter and Richie McCaw play their last games at Eden Park, two strong back bones of the team. 

We were practically on the field. The ambience was surreal, listening to a country route for their favorite team playing their favorite sport, and taking home the victory.