Days of Travel

While traveling throughout the South Island, there were many small green signs with yellow writing indicating they were put up by the Department of Conservation. These signs would point to a path or tramping trail with a time indicated on them with how long the trail would be to the destination - whether that would be fifteen minutes or three hours, stretching sometimes into a couple days for those overnight tramping treks. One major tourist site that I loved visiting was Lake Matheson. 

We visited this lake after we had hiked around Fox Glacier on the West Coast. With the little amount of time we had in the South Island with so much to see, we were squeezing an incredible amount of trekking into one day. 

Lake Matheson is also known as the mirror lake. As you can tell, there is a perfect reflection of the mountains with its bright color in the water.

Even though my friends and I were traveling around in the off-season when it was cold and sometimes windy, these tourist areas were still busy with people. There were many other photographers there along with their tripods that night trying to get the perfect shot of the reflection. 

While hiking around Fox Glacier, we made comments to each other saying how grateful we were for traveling here in New Zealand's winter. We'd been hiking and tramping in cooler weather, but the sun was still so warm that we would still de-layer some clothing and have a moderate temperature to hike in, even if there was snow on the ground...