Jumping off a bridge

I actually made the conscious decision to bungy jump off of the Auckland Harbor Bridge with a few of my friends. 

Thoughts during the 10 seconds before the jump: I hope this bungy material can hold me up. What if my spine comes apart.? What if a speed boat comes by? What if I end up in the water and I told them not to? What if...

"2... 1... BUNGY!"

Thoughts during the free fall: Shit. Oh my God. The water is getting close. And why am I right-side up now? 

I had done my first bungy and I had bounced so high up that I ended up with my feet facing towards the water instead of my head for a few seconds! I was completely confused as to what was going on. 

Thoughts post-almost-crapping-myself (post-jump): My brain feels like it's been rattled all over the place. My legs feel like jell-o. Is someone going to push me back down? Is this pod that I'm standing in under the bridge going to fall? I'm dizzy. I might puke.

I didn't think I could do it until I did it. I was able to drop 230 feet off of a swing with rocks below me when I was in Queenstown in the South Island - but for some reason bungy jumping off a bridge over a harbor absolutely scared me more than anything. I think what got to me is that I was the one who had to jump off of the bridge at my own will, whereas with the swing, I had no idea it was coming.

Thinking about it now, that water (you know, the water that I was plummeting towards with just a string tied to my ankles), almost seemed to be some type of solid instead of liquid. The crystal, crisp water actually almost looking like a hard stone, moving like jell-o, kind of like my legs. 

Bungy jumping is something that is incredibly enjoyable for a lot of people. The thrill of the adventure and daredevil feel to the challenge will always keep people coming back for more.