Natural Occourence

While reading an article online for my Travel Reporting online class, I came across an article titled "Sea Change". Briefly, a woman had been going through a divorce and decided to travel around and camp for a bit with her best friend. One epiphany she had while on her trip was that the beauty of the world was caused by natural disaster, and further related that to her divorce. She figured that as horrible as a divorce is, something good would come of it.

This is something I related New Zealand to. Not that I'm necessarily going through a divorce, but everyone is going through something, right? The many natural disasters that had occurred in the world created New Zealand and all of its wondrous beauties within it. Anything that was going in the wrong direction in my life suddenly disappeared when I arrived in New Zealand. My focus was reset and was tack sharp on myself and what I was going to do to help myself grow as a person. Wandering around a new city on my own, spending hours in a car with people I had known for only a few weeks, and taking my photographs to entire new level in a new atmosphere were key elements to my personal growth and a successful abroad trip. At some points, these few elements were complete disasters, but at the end of the day helped me substantially.