Sorry Mom & Dad

Yes, while abroad, I decided to get my first tattoo.

Now don't judge me too quickly. I've wanted this tattoo for about three years, but never really knew how to put it together. I'm also a youngin' for my grade, and am still only 19 years old. I never really got the chance to find a tattoo parlor once I turned 18 to see what an artist could do for me. The tattoo didn't become a real priority until recently when I realized I had the money to do it, and found myself submerged in a culture with plenty of tattoos for everyone to share. New Zealand is an extremely liberal country (fun fact: New Zealand was the first country to let women vote), and with most of its people having tattoos, come great tattoo artists. I did my research and found a nice tattoo parlor outside of the main city in a suburb called Ponsonby. While taking an adventure up College Hill road to reach Ponsonby (the worst hill I walked up while in Auckland), I stumbled upon a little cafe and also found my favorite Spicy Chai Latte in the city. 

One of the tattoo artists, Bryn, helped me create my idea of a tattoo into a piece of art. I wanted a mandala incorporated into my tattoo as well as something that had to do with my favorite poem, Desiderata. He took my ideas and asked for a few photos of my favorite style tattoos, and in one shot he nailed the exact image I had in my head for my tattoo.

Going back for a second session and sitting under the needle for a total of three and a half hours was completely painful, especially during the second round, but was completely worth it.