Black Sand

The little beads of black filled in together to feel like silk. The sand at Piha Beach on the West side of Auckland was some kind of sand that seemed artificial. It was as smooth as the moon sand you could buy at Brookstone! Except it was real!

Our day at Piha wasn’t extremely extraordinary – it was a bit cloudy, on the windy side, and we were thinking of jumping in the water before we got to the beach. We made the best of it, though. We were all starting to stress out with finals and took our weekend trip regardless.

That’s kind of how our entire trip worked – making the good out of the bad and making our own kind of sunshine. Piha had no sunshine coming through the clouds, but we ended up finding a huge, beautiful waterfall. I told myself to always make the best of things. Whether it’s shitty weather or your day is off to a terrible start, take what you can get and make something out of it. Earlier that day, one of our friends accidentally got into a little fender bender with the car behind us. Regardless of the weather and the small accident, we still went on with our day to explore. There’s no sense in stopping and sulking when there’s so many things for you to be doing.