Something New Zealand is particularly well-known for is the extremely good meat. They have excellent quality meat - which means a lot of burger joints. 

In the CBD of Auckland, we went to this one place at least twice a week. Better Burger was our go-to meal when we either all wanted to get together for dinner, were coming from around the corner in the city from a day of walking around, or whenever we really wanted to, without having an excuse to go. Their burgers were NZD $5, which is only a little over USD $3. You can't beat that for a decent burger with their secret sauce and the salad on it! You could add fries and a shake for just $7. Towards the end of the trip when most of us were beginning to hoard our money, we'd cut down to two meals a day, and one of them being a dinner at Better Burger.

One of my other favorite burger places was located in Wellington, at the bottom of the North Island. Wellington was one of our final trips with as a small group together. We stayed for three nights and did a lot of walking up and down Cuba Street - the main strip in the city that attracts all of its tourists with its street art including graffiti and odd sculptures.  

My favorite burger joint in Wellington is Ekim burgers. Before departing for Wellington, we googled points of interest while there (specifically food), and Ekim burgers was one of the first burger places to pop up out of a total of seven in a very condensed city. Ekim burgers was outdoors with a mixed arrangement of tables and chairs ranging from old lawn chairs, to fold outs, and from your table being an old wooden thing to a piece of some kind of nice looking pretty rock. The setting was odd and different, but something fresh and cool enough to talk about and notice out of the corner of your eye. Their burgers had all types of funky names, came wrapped up in it's like plastic pouch, and would drip secret Ekim sauce as your teeth sunk into the beef, bacon, cheese, and whatever kind of extra toppings they figured out would make a great mixture for a burger. The thing with New Zealand is that you can have 'dinner with a view' really anywhere. Whether it's a sit down meal at the top of the Sky Tower, or a burger that you grill yourself next to the beach, the scenery and meat go hand-in-hand, you can't get anything close to it anywhere else.