Last Trip

Sometimes, when you’re overseas, some of the best memories are made from times you spend with your friends just enjoying time with one another. It’s always memorable to be visiting the “must see” spots all around the respective country, but when you spend time with those you’re “stuck” with, you find a few in the bunch that stand out, - the ones you get along with well enough to get a bite out to eat together every few days, which end up turning into a nightly routine that you begin to look forward to.

A necessary weekend trip to Hahei, Coromandel was the perfect getaway for spending quality time with those that I’ve become close with on my abroad excursion. Staying in a two room cabin just feet away from the beach gave us the weekend to relax, barbeque, and get rather sunburnt. We’ve already been to Hahei before, at the start of the semester, and decided to re-visit our favorite getaway to finish off our grand abroad experience.

We stayed for two nights. We didn’t sleep much between going to bed late for the stars and waking up early for the sun. We hung out on the beach, drove to the ferry to take to town to pick up groceries for our barbeque and ate our fresh burgers on the beach and watched the sunset. We had spent weeks hiking up so many different trails, spent hours driving to our beautiful destinations, and a lot of money just to get to those places. We figured we wanted somewhere to relax this time at the end of the trip to kind of, almost, start saying goodbye to the country we had called home the last few months.

Both nights, we all ended up on the beach once the sun went down and the stars came out. I think this is what I enjoyed most about this final trip to our Hahei cabin. Although in sweatpants and sweatshirts, the cold sand on our backs served as a nice cushion for our star show.

I never thought I would see as many stars as I did when I was in Lake George in the summer of 2012. I was completely shown wrong once I sat on the beach in Hahei. I saw too many shooting stars to keep track and felt as if I was in a planetarium. I saw faint stars, bright stars, flickering stars… more “types” of stars than I could see from my backyard. 

Although not a photo from Hahei, this is a photo from Tekapo during my trip to the South Island, and the stars were just as bright.