Story of a Sunset

I think a sunset (or a sunrise) is as routine as something gets. It's funny though - it's a routine for the sunset itself, but it's not watched every day by the same people, in the same place, or even at the same time. While in New Zealand, I was able to watch the sunset from various locations all over New Zealand while the sun streamed out different colors from each place I was able to watch it. 

Watching the sunset became a routine for me. I was able to watch it from my window in my dorm and watch the sun warm up the clouds to a light pink. When we were away on the weekends, we made it a point to try to watch the sunset in our hometown that weekend. Some of my favorite sunsets were actually just within Auckland, just a short walk down to the pier, and the sun set underneath the harbor bridge. 

North Wharf, Auckland

Paihia, Bay of Islands

Mt. Victoria, Wellington

These are just a few of my favorite sunsets I saw in New Zealand. There were too many too count, too many to take photos of, and some that will just be engraved in my mind and will exist nowhere else but there.

By adding the act of watching a sunset into my daily routine, it added some kind of order to my day. As spontaneous and crazy as study abroad can be, the constant of a sunset helped keep me calm and was something I was able to look forward to - every day.