Wild Horse

As if this horse was its own steed, or at least acted like it didn’t need one, a noble looking horse stood behind a fence he seemingly could have jumped over. In Raglan, a few friends and I decided to drive essentially out into the middle of nowhere to see where it would take us. We had time on our side and gas in the tank – so we figured why not.

The hills we traveled upward were daunting and wore dresses of gravel. Our small, 15 year old rental Toyota was taking the challenge like a champ.

We ended up on what seemed to look like the edge of the world. There were cliffs hanging downward, endless amount of sheep, and no one to be seen or heard for miles. Sounds like a movie, right? Looked like one, too.

While abroad, I learned being spontaneous is something you must be comfortable with. You’re traveling in a new country and you’re not sure where left or right takes you, but you have to choose a path. You have to make game-time decisions insistently and essentially hope for the best, because there’s no knowing while adventuring at all.