Omanawanui. Say it three times, fast.

Alright - this day was my fault. I was so excited to get to hiking. I found this track on a very reputable website and it was mentioned as the "hidden gem" of the West Coast on the North Island. I was thrilled when I started to see beautiful pictures of views from the track that weren't able to be seen from any other track in the area. 

We rented a car for the day and decided to try it out since it was only an hour away and everyone agreed that the sights were beautiful.

We started out the hike with slippery, muddy slopes. I'm pretty sure we all ended up on our asses at one point. That was only the beginning. We started to get into the hike and we started to see a little glimpse of those beautiful views that I had seen online. Our friend Lauren looks dead ahead and makes a comment, "Wow guys, can't wait to scale the side of that mountain in front of us".

Yeah. Well. We actually ended up doing that. Take a look at the picture I posted below. We ended up on the top of that, and didn't realize that we did it until we were on the mountain next to it and we made the logical connection that yes, we did just hike beyond any of our capabilities and made it without breaking bones or slamming our faces into some rocks below our feet. 

We were so high up that a small backpackers hostel looked like it would as if we were up in an airplane. 

We finished the track in hopes we would end up back at our car that was parked on top of a windy and very steep hill, but we didn't. We ended up at the small backpackers lodge, at the bottom of that hill, and ended up having to walk what seemed like an hour more of hiking up a gravel road. That was the worst part. 

The hike was well worth it, just well beyond our expectations in difficultly. It was an adventure that made our mid-hike Dinosaur gummies taste like gold.