Excellence Weekend

Starting on Friday, April 8th, I was able to photograph student's presenting their individual or small group research. There are various different divisions of research offered for students to delve into: arts, business, education, humanities, natural & applied sciences, and social sciences. Whether through an oral presentation or a poster presentation, each student was able to explain thoroughly their research in a clear and cohesive way. With each research project being the student's own, each student was 100% committed and interested in what they produced on their own. I was impressed with my peer's work and how excited they were to present their findings. More info about the 17th Annual Loyola Undergraduate Student Research and Scholarship Colloquium can be found here.

That same evening, I was able to photograph in our beautiful business school's atrium, The Sellinger School of Business, for the Apprentice House Reading and Book Party. I've always been intrigued of the architecture of the building, as it's referred to by some as Noah's Ark. I was able to photograph Loyola's published authors, Karl Dehmelt '18 as well as Wes Peters '16 as they spoke about their process of writing, read excerpts from their novels, and discussed what drove their passion towards writing something much longer than an assigned 10+ page paper for school. Each of the two boys were published by Loyola's own book publishing company, Apprentice House Press

Beginning later in the day on April 9th, I warmed up in the Humanities Building in the Hug Lounge & Refectory. Through a dim and intimate setting, students were able to share their prose and short essays about life on softball field, sneaking out of the house their senior year of high school, to finding spiders in a washing-machine. Each poet spoke with more confidence than I expected and had pride backing each word they wrote. The refectory was a perfect capsule for the Coffehouse Reading. 

Last event, but certainly not least, I photographed the Dean's List Reception in the afternoon on Sunday up in McGuire Hall, the place where usually important, big events take place such as guest speakers and big lectures. Families drove from out-of-state to enjoy the weekend with their child to support their recognition and accomplishments. Loyola's very own Jazz Combo also performed! Shoutout to my good friend Stephen Vanyo on drums!