Relay for Life

Just under a month ago, my home college of Loyola University Maryland raised over $180,000 for the American Cancer Society through a popular fundraising event called Relay For Life. This semester I came back from a semester long trip to New Zealand and sporadicly decided to join Relay for Life's event committee as a mission subcommittee member. On mission, I have the chance to sit at an info table outside of our dining hall and inform kids and professors about the event, how they can raise money, raise awareness, and sell t-shirts to fundraise. After a few weeks of being on the committee, I was asked by a sophomore, Katie Ferrone, one of the three amazing sophomore co-chairs, to create an Opening Ceremony video. A video? I'm a photographer, not a videographer. I wasn't sure if I could do it, but I agreed to the responsibility. I took the challenge, was in a total panic when it came to only four days until the event and the video was still being put together, but successfully created a short film that I was proud of that incorporated true heart in why students at my school continue to fundraise, relay and fight.