A lovely place I would love to live next to for the rest of my life. A place I'd want my apartment to be above, where I can make friends with the chefs, bartenders, and hostesses, to spend my evenings with and run down in the middle of the day to suffice my taco cravings.

Brendan and I sat outside beneath a clear tent with a small candle light with rays flickering onto the table like sunshine. All our questions about the Spanish menu were answered with laughs as I tried to pronounce 'totopos' and naïvely didn't understand that simply meant 'chips'.

Totopos, quesadillas, tacos, and a ceviche quenched by two happy hour margaritas completed our perfect Monday evening. 

Pictured: warm blankets for sitting outside, totopos con salsa, dos margaritas, al gobernador (diced wild caught pacific shrimp in salsa anaheim served with melted queso chihuahua y pico de gallo), carnitas con salsa verde (pork simmered in its own fat served with warm salsa verde y crispy chicharrones), ceviche sinaloense (wild caught pacific shrimp cured in lime & chiles then diced with tomato, serrano, cucumber & avocado on a fresh tostada), a sight from beneath the tent, the bar, the dining room, and a view from outside.