Paige, Todd, Kayla and Ethan

While working an event, my coworker Paige looks at me and goes "I need to set up family photos with you." And so we starting planning for a summer night when work wasn't going to be too crazy for either of us. We talked about matching outfits, a blanket + lanterns to complete the beach scene for a perfect, summer family photo.

Well, if you have a kid under 5-years-old, you know that 1. they don't sit still and 2. very rarely do they listen to you when you really want them to listen. Of course, Ethan and Kayla were the sweetest little munchkins I could have asked for to play around with on a night at the beach, but the moment of everyone sitting down + smiling + looking at me all at once happened rarely! 

These monkeys ran throughout the playground for a good 45 minutes, played in the water fountain as if it was a shower (although it's typically used to clean sandy beach feet) gave sand to me as a clump as if it was a gift, hugged, chased, and ran around with mom & dad to a perfect summer setting sun. 

Lesson learned - let kids + adults do what they want and let them show you who they are. Photograph that and you've got yourself the perfect little story.