Manifestations of Space & Place is the exploration of the concepts of space and place through the tool of photography.

A location can be categorized in one of two ways: as a space, or as a place. A space is a vessel that does not have a narrative to its accompanying surroundings. Conversely, when that empty vessel is filled with a story, the space is then transformed into a place. My mind consistently thinks about these two concepts ever since they were conceived when I was reflecting on a completely empty Times Square during a snowstorm. The usually busy area was emptied: the stories had vanished. 

It becomes apparent in my photographs that the notion of space and place are the way I now see things, constantly. This way of thinking encourages me to guide others to think about the difference between space and place. Since space and place cannot exist without one another, I find it appropriate to depict the notion as diptychs – photographic pairs. When a photograph of a space is paired with a photograph of a place, they present a conceptual dialogue with each other – an empty vessel versus a full vessel.